Friday, January 27, 2012

Where did it go??

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Oh my heavens!!  I just blinked and Christmas flew by... did you see it?  Here is it January 27th and I swear I don't remember a thing ;-).  I remember waking up with a giddy love of everything Christmas and then... nothing!  It is gone... booo hooo booo hooo.  But never fear!  Christmas 2012 is on its way! 

I do solemnly swear to be organized, slow down, and enjoy this Christmas!  Not that I didn't enjoy last Christmas by any means, it just flew by too fast for me.  I was up the night before the girls last day of school until 1 am getting classroom gifts, teacher presents, and friends presents done.  My oldest still has 2 gifts she has yet to deliver!  I didn't even make neighbor gifts this year :-(.  That is the first time in 15 years I haven't done neighbor gifts.  But this year I will prevail!  I think I know the problem.  Last Christmas was the first time we didn't go home to Kansas.  Up until last year I have had to be prepared for Christmas by November.  This year I drug my feet knowing I didn't have a dead line except for Christmas it's self.  Soooo, this year I vow to be done by.... hmmm, OCTOBER!!  That's right October.  This a way I can enjoy each holiday to it's fullest and not worry about this or that.  October... I can do it (in a meek voice)!  I will do it!!!

I don't have any extraordinary Christmas pics to share so I will turn to the one and only Pinterest :-).  There are always great pics on there!


Source: via Mandie on Pinterest

Aren't they sweet?!  If I was only that creative... and patient :-)

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Dorothy said...

You're right, it always creeps up and then's over!! I have finally put away everything, but I decorated my 5ft. alpine tree with white lights and snowflakes with snow garland, and put little red shiny hearts for Valentine's Day on it. I love the glow of tree lights. It will stay this way until the middle of March and then I'll decorate it for Easter. I just think that the Christmas holiday is really hard to prepare for no matter how hard you try. It's just that BIG!!! Not only that, Thanksgiving is just a month before which is a huge holiday to prepare for too! Somehow, it seems to come together but at the end, I like you, wonder what happened! Have a really great weekend!! :)

Tanya said...

I feel the same way! I was hastily sewing PJs for the family late into Christmas Eve. Silly!

Yesterday I finally took down my decorations...the tree is still up, but undecorated. The house looks so barren without all the holiday cheer.

Glad you had a nice Christmas, even if it was speedy.