Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scrapbook anyone?

Do you keep scrapbooks?  I love to scrapbook... that being said, I have only done 2.  AND they aren't even completed yet... sad, I know.  But I keep buying supplies like I am pumping them out!  So when I found this little sweetie on Pinterest I squealed with delight.  This is something I can sooo see myself making :-)

Marie over at Stitch In Time made this and showed her pages as she went along.  LOVE! 



Ginger said...

Love this one! I am always in awe at all the creativity!! Do a Christmas art journal..whether you follow the December Dailys or your own ideas...you will LOVE it!!

Lily said...

Oh that looks delightful :) I love to scrap book too. I'm looking forward to making the one you sent when the little one arrives.

Tanya said...

Ha,I have the same supply-buying problem, and not even a single completed album.