Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love to recycle!  We reuse when we can and even keep a bowl by the sink to throw kitchen scraps in for the compost bin out back.  Makes the garden so dark with rich matter in spring!  And the chickens LOVE to get stale bread, over ripe fruit, and even spaghetti noodles!  Why all this recycle business???  Because I found this adorable cloche made using a 2 liter bottle...

Sharon over at Crafts 'n Coffee made a list of all the necessary items and broke all the steps down.  So cute!!

While browsing Pinterest the other day I saw this and thought is was adorable!  I know it isn't Christmasy but worth sharing.  We could easily put a Christmas tree in there with a dear or something right?!

Also, check out this toilet paper roll... LOVE it!!

Maybe we could bend it to look like a Christmas tree??? 

Happy Valentine's Day to you my sweet Christmas friends!  



Lily said...

oh what beautiful ideas & photos sweetie. They are so inspiring. We try to recycle a little too but never to this extend. I will try to keep an open mind now before I throw something out, although I'm not that creative. It's been cold here & I have been using the lovely scarf you sent :) Hope you had a nice Valentine's.

Dorothy said...

The snowman is a really cute idea! Hope you and your family are well. Have a nice week!