Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Houses; Revisited

The girls and I had so much fun a couple months ago decorating these Christmas houses.  Butterfly had a rough time getting into the spirit because it was warm outside, lol, but she played along and did her best :-)  These little sweeties are sitting happily in the hallway between the girls bedrooms.

We are enjoying our visit with family!  We have shopped, ate, sewed, and last night we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  It just wouldn't be Christmas without watching that movie, ha ha.  Hubbies parents brought down my mom and sisters presents to us for Christmas.  As they brought them in and I took them out of the bag to sit under the tree my heart was a flutter.  I felt like a child again!  All of those happy memories of when I was little on Christmas morning came flooding in and I just smiled with love and pure bliss.

Do you have presents under the tree yet?  



Karan said...

The houses are adorable.

Oh how I wish I could put presents under my tree now. I have 3 doggies one of whom think that anything under or on or about the tree should be for her. I have redecorated the bottom of my tree several times and I know if I start putting gifts there she would have them out and torn apart in a heart beat. I thought that this year she would be out of the puppy inquisitive stage as she just turned 2. She was too small the first year but last year she was a growing puppy stage yet.

Maybe next year.


Amy said...

Your houses are adorable. I would love to take this on as a craft project next year. One always needs more decor!

No gifts yet...quite behind but I know it will all get done!

Dorothy said...

Yes, I have gifts under the tree from hubby, and I have wrapped others and put under the tree. Your houses look very nice. Glad your having a great time with your family. It won't be long now! I can hardly believe how fast it's coming up!

Lily said...

I love those houses :) Yes we have presents under the tree too, there is even one for the Bump! Glad to read that you are enjoying time with family.

Pearl Maple said...

Happy Holidays Mandie to you and the family. Sweet little village you have happening there.
We have some presents under the tree but more are sitting on my work table waiting finishing touches, must get cracking as time is ticking down.