Friday, November 4, 2011

Jingle Bell Rock

I love T.J. Maxx!  Specially around the holidays.  Their decorations are so cute and relatively inexpensive.  As soon as we walk in the doors my oldest daughter heads to the clothes, my husband heads to the men's clothes, my youngest either tags along with him or follows me straight back to the home interiors.  When we went last week they had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas out.  It took me a while to find him but when I did I squealed with delight!  He was $12.99 and I agonized with the fact that I DON'T need anymore decorations but he was soooo cute.  Last year I found an all white one and this guy can be his new best friend :-).  Agonizing over.

Since it was Halloween I didn't know where to put him.  I tried the kitchen table but he just didn't look right with brains in a jar just a few inches over.

So I opted for the laundry room.  NO ONE goes in there unless they need something and I have failed to get the clothes to their bedrooms.

I put him on the washing machine where he stands proud.  Funny thing is...

Every time I do laundry I hear him jingle during the spin cycle!!!  haha 

I may just leave him there :-)

Merry Christmas and jingle all the way!!



Vicki said...

Hahaha, guess his jingling makes doing the laundry a lot more fun! Enjoy your weekend...

Jonquil said...

Aww hes cute! I cant wait to see all of your decorations! Im a new follower!
You should check out my blog, I would love it if you would follow it. :)

Dorothy said...

He's soooo cute!! I can see why you couldn't resist getting him! Jingling while you do the laundry makes him that much more special!! Have a great weekend!

Lily said...

oh how very adorable & cute :) I love that you get to hear him jingle, must encourage you to get all the washing done ;) I may need inspiration like that too, teehee.

Amy said...

So very cute AND every room should have a little Christmas!

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Mandie,
He is simply adorable. I think I would probably put him in a different place, every day. A traveling snowman! :)

Natasha in Oz said...

He is already a well-travelled snowman!

Thanks for linking up to my weekly party!

Best wishes always,

Cheryl said...

How fun!! I saw something similar somewhere on the I am racking my brain trying to remember. I will have to go look, now.

On a side note: I love your washer!! I want a side loader! Going to put it on my wish list.