Monday, October 24, 2011

Christmas is only 61 days away!

We are only 61 days away from Christmas!  The first Christmas commercial I saw this year was from Avon.  The store that I first saw Christmas decorations in was Hobby Lobby.  And the first movie preview I saw was Arthur Christmas.   The nights are getting cooler and we even had to burn the fireplace last week because the house got down to 67.  Winter is coming!!!  I am so excited :-).  I love Christmas day but I also LOVE the anticipation of it, the whole season.  The girls have made their list (I can't find Butterflies :-/).  But no fear... all one has to do to figure out hers is watch the commercials on Nickelodeon or Disney to figure that out, lol.  Halloween is this Monday and then it is go time!  Yes, I will decorate for Thanksgiving.  Yes we will eat a huge feast and say what we are most thankful for but all the while I will be sceaming, plotting, and dreaming about Christmas.  Christmas movies, Christmas decorations, Christmas smells, Christmas gift giving, and Christmas fellowship.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! (in the voice of the Grinch as an 8 year old).

I spend a good portion of my day (I wont tell you how much) pinning pictures and how to's from Pinterest and want to share a few with you to give you a sense of how crazy I am for Christmas.

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

Do you love this?  Who wouldn't want grandma to pull up in this little number??!!

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

When she comes my house would look like this...

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

And we would eat things like this, and this...

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

And we would drink hot cocoa like this

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

It would be snowy and cold out... because we would live in the mountains of Colorado.  Ahhh, smell the pine?  I do (there is a candle burning behind me).  Our barn would look like this...

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

And he would be peaking in the window

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

While we watched movies next to the fireplace while cuddling under this

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

As we drift off to sleep waiting for him

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

We would dream of

Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest


Source: None via Mandie on Pinterest

Or this!

But when we woke our tree looked like this...

Oh but who cares!  We would have enjoyed ourselves.  Laughed until our bellies hurt, hugged our kids until they begged for air, and ate until our buttons popped off. 

You see, this is what makes me crazy!!  I love Christmas and Pinterest makes it wayyyy too easy to lose sense of all reality. 

But it was fun :-).  And I hope you enjoyed it too.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

And get off that chair and start cracking... Christmas is only 61 days away!!!!!!!!

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Amy said...

What a great post and so very enjoyable to me. I'm being held hostage (just feels like it) on vacation away from my home. I long to get home & start decorating!

OK...maybe I'll just play on pinterest and enjoy the beach!

Cheryl said...

What fun! Can I come to your house for Christmas? Amazing upside down tree! Never thought of that. Of course It would be a little difficult in my house, I think the ceiling is 12 feet up, I would need to find the ladder and get a big tree. Or maybe have all different heights of trees hanging from the ceiling. Hmmm...

Dorothy said...

What a cute post! Love the pictures. Hard to believe another year has almost gone by! I think the older you get, the faster time passes! I've been busy cleaning my windows and curtains, blinds! Ugh!! But while I've been doing this, I've been listening to Christmas music. I'm decorating...a little at a time...right after Halloween. Can't wait! Hope you have a very nice week Mandie!

Geneva said...

This post was the most fun I've had all night... Still Smiling! Christmas at your house must be a blast! Thank you for sharing... I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit big time after reading your blog. ":o)

Carrie said...

What a charming post as you detail your dreams of Christmas joy with wonderful graphics from Pinterest!

Something Special said...

You have certainly put me in the mood for Christmas and Halloween isn't even here quite yet. I love your blog. I love your photos and your thoughts and ideas. I am your newest follower.

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Mandie,
Love all these images. Especially the brown paper packages, dressed with lovely red and white ribbons and bows. Love a brown/red/white color combo!

Natasha in Oz said...

Mandie, this post is so wonderful! I'm so glad that you found these festive pins and that you linked up to my Pinning & Singing Party-thank you!

By the way, I hear you about about spending way too much time on Pinterest! Once you start you can't stop!

Best wishes and happy Pinning,

MMm.. said...

Wow. what a great post and blog. So glad I came across it. I love xmas too. yours looks so ideal. Great job.