Monday, July 12, 2010

Turkish Delight or Lokum

Photo from Turkey Travel Planner

I love the movie Narnia.  I love the special effects of it all and the moral behind the story.  There is something so magical and hopeful about it all.  Do you remember the part where Edmund and the White Witch first met?  She pulled up in her sleigh and Edmund sat in there with her.  She made him some hot chocolate and Turkish Delights.  Didn't the hot chocolate and Turkish Delights look oh sooo yummy?!  They sure did to me!  So I looked up Turkish Delights or Lokum up online and found some very interesting facts out about it.

This story dates back to the 1700's.  A candy maker, Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir, heard his emperor complain of hard candy.  The emperor had cracked another tooth on candy and was angry.  The candy maker was determined to make a soft candy.  He went back to his kitchen and thought up a recipe and tried it.  When he bit into it he was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful and soft it was.  The word Lokum comes from the word Rahat lokum which means comfortable morsel.  He dusted it with powdered sugar and the Turkish Delight or lokum was born.

A wonderful recipe I found from the Turkey Travel Planner can be found here.   

I will be making this little delight during the holidays for sure, yum!!

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