Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rice bag warmer for Christmas

I want to share a Christmas present idea with you! My wonderful sister in law made these last year as presents for all of us. They are sooo nice to warm up in the microwave for about 1 minute or so on a cold day. They are also very relieving on a summer's day when they are stuck in the freezer. They can even be used on a sore neck or aching muscles. And the look is totally up to you. I chose a polka dotted fabric with a bright grosgrain ribbon.

I copied her pattern the best that I could and here it goes. I left the fabric folded in half, the way it comes from the store. Then I cut it 8 inches wide the whole way down. I then cut the fabric in half where the fold was.

After that I put the right sides together and cut the grosgrain ribbon 10 inch long for two pieces.

Then I pinned the ribbon facing the inside about 1 inch from each side. Then placed the fabric back on top and sewed the ribbon in place along the edges. Remember to leave one end open to put the rice in. Turned it right side out and measured how long the fabric ended up being. It was around 21 inches so I measured down 7 inches and drew a line across the width.

I then filled it with 2 cups of rice and sewed along the white line.

I then put 2 more cups in and sewed it again. Repeat again and finish up the edges by sewing it shut with the grosgrain facing out this time. And tada!!!

After I made this one I used a different fabric and made another one.

They do not take that long to make and they make great gifts!!
I hope you enjoyed this as I know I did. Happy crafting!


A Romantic Porch said...

Wow! That is a really great idea! I should make some of those! Have a wonderful afternoon. xo rachel

Mandie said...

Thank you Rachel! They are easy to make and make great gifts too. Thanks for stopping by.