Monday, June 12, 2017

Junkin in June

Hello!  I feel much like a bear waking from a deep slumber.  Has it really been four years since I last blogged??!!  Holey cow!!  I guess I'll make this short and sweet so as not to bore anyone of my silly ramblings... I MISSED THIS!  Where else can a person ramble on about Christmas and not be shunned??

Y'all I just spent the most glorious weekend in a cute cabin in the mountains and it has done so much for my soul.  We went to the Junk Ranch in Arkansas and it was a blast!!!  So much junk so little time.  Everyone we came across was so kind.  You could just visit with anyone for hours about junk, where they have been in life, and what they want to do with more junk.  It was fabulous!

Isn't this barn adorable?!  I just fell in love with it.  That wreath is soooo pretty.

There was bunting along the whole metal fence.  I know this isnt' too Christmasy but I wanted to share with you all the fun that was had.  There was several different kinds of food vendors and live music.  The band that we heard was Sad Daddy.  It was so catchy that we bought one of their CD's and listened to it the whole way home.

The cabin we stayed in was the bear cabin and it was decorated so cute!

Christmas in July is coming up.  I saw that it starts July 7th.  Can't wait to watch the sweet movies!  Hope you all are having a great June!!


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