Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting Organized!

Well, howdy do my Christmas friends!! Can you believe Christmas is less then 50 days away??! We better get cracking if we want to have a stress free December to enjoy with our loved ones and friends ;-). This year I promised myself to be completely done BY October... did it happen? NO, but not to worry! I have a little secret up my sleeve. It's called organization.
I found this idea on Pinterest.  It is a Christmas Journal!!  I had so much fun making it and it really got me in the mood for Christmas, not that I needed help in that department, lol.  I lit a Christmas scented candle, played my blog Christmas music and crafted away :-)
(When you open the cover)
The way I organized it was to first list all of our blessings.  By blessings I mean people that we love and pray for in our lives.  That includes family, friends, neighbors, and don't forget the mail delivery person in your life!
(I  covered up the names to protect the innocent, lol)
Then I pulled from our blessings and dedicated a whole page to that particular family.  I wrote the name of the person down and their wish list.  Having two different families we do things two different ways.  On my side we exchange a wish list and on my hubbies side we just... wing it, haha.  His family is rather large with lots of brothers, sisters, and cousins.  We use to exchange names and buy for just that person but have since stopped as that too was getting expensive.  And we all know that Christmas isn't about presents its about presence... okay, now I'm getting a little tacky ;-)  I would say for his side of the family we concentrate on homemade gifts, which is fun too!
I loaded tons of pics for you to see all of the different pages, covering names... still protecting the innocent, lol.
As time goes on I can cross items off or make notes about things we make or buy.
This is the last page
Some different things or sections you can add to the book could include:
Things to do
Christmas cards
Pics of fun activities
Favorite movie
Favorite songs
Children's Christmas list
So many possibilities!  I will carry this little baby with me every time I am out so I can refer to gifts wanted and write ideas as they come to me in the stores. 
Have you gotten started yet?
In the next post I plan on sharing with you what we did for my two girls to give to their friends!  They were so excited and couldn't wait to package them ;-) 



J. Leonard said...

This is so cute! you should consider selling them on Etsy!

♥ Lila ♥ said...

Hi Mandie!
Long time no see you. I'm here now...ha!
Lovely post :)

Heidi Szczepanski said...

I love this planner. Very well done and its beautiful. Thank you for sharing the idea and all the photos.

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Danice said...

Beautiful idea! Thank you so much. I am a new follower :)

Pearl Maple said...

Merry Christmas to you and the family. A Christmas journal is a great way to orgnaise the so many important details of this time of year.

♥ Lila ♥ said...

Hi Mandie,
I have this paper. I'll do the same. Thanks for idea :)

I'll post your blog im my facebook account: "decorando o natal"

See you!