Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas Muffins

While at Hobby Lobby last week I was so excited to see that they still had Christmas books out.  I found a great Christmas book and I had a 40% off coupon so I scooped it up.  This week at Hobby Lobby I found another great Christmas book and had a 25% off coupon and I scooped it up...

I have had so much fun pouring through these books!  So much Christmas cheer bursting from the pages I just had to have some Christmas in my hands.  I found this sweet recipe and picture and got to thinking.

I can make these sweet little cakes, only I will use muffin mix.  The girls love muffins and would be so excited to see them when they got home from school.

I got out my pretty little cake pans that I only use for Christmas and got them dirty.

I made strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, and orange cranberry muffins, errr cakes.


Blueberry Cheesecake


Orange Cranberry

The girls were so excited to see them.  They gobbled them up immediately... good thing I got a picture when I did.  I had to smoosh one of the cakes next to another because they both got a hold of the blueberry ones before I blinked my eyes, lol

Christmas blessings!



Sophia said...

I LOVE Christmas! How enlightening and cheery this post is. =D I need to go to my local Hobby Lobby and see if they have any left, too.

And nums on the cakes!!

Natasha said...

That is brilliant! I wish I could find bargains like that. Those cakes look delicious too.

You have inspired me to get another Christmas post ready. Thank you!

Best wishes always,

Terra said...

Fabulously creative and looks delicious.

Tanya said...

Such a fun pan!

Dorothy said...

Those look quite yummy!!

Lila Rosana said...

Hi Mandie,

Ashley said...

How cute, and probably very tasty!

Lila Rosana said...

Hello Mandie, I missed coming here. I have been very busy with little time to visit my friends. Sorry! But try to be more frequent.
I love their posters.