Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After Christmas Sales

After Christmas sales!!!  Do you brave the cold winter air before the sun comes up for them?  We do.  We always hit Wal-Mart and Target when we are home.  Since we were not home this Christmas we were only able to get to Wal-Mart.  But that is always fine with us, we usually find what we need.  Our strategy is to walk into the store together with our game faces on and once we hit the Christmas isles we separate.  Hubby heads to the outside lights and decorations and I head to the inside decorations and gifts.  I am not kidding when I say this, the day after Christmas is just as important to us if not more so then Black Friday!  We take it very serious.  Sometimes even casing out the store before hand if there is something we really want or "need".  This year we lucked out and bought a white tree.  I have been wanting one for a while now and finally bit the bullet and bought it.. 50% off.  I wish I had pics to show you but we had to leave a big portion of our buys at my in laws house.  Our little conversion vehicle just isn't big enough ; )  But I can't do a post with out pics. so I am going to get them from the Internet.


I love it!!  I wish we had it here, I would decorate it with Valentine's Day things. 

One of my main focuses when I am looking at gifts is to get the teacher presents and gifts for the girls friends.  One year I found cute long sleeved shirts and made hair bows and then stuck a pair of Christmas socks in the bag for their friends.  This year I found those wonderfully soft microfiber blankets.  For my oldest daughter I bought polka dots and more grown up patterns.  For my youngest I bought soft blankets that were wrapped up in stuffed animals.  


I really wish I had pictures of them.  They are so stinking cute.  When my in laws come down for a visit they will bring the rest of our loot with them and I will get pics. then.

For the girls teachers I bought cute dish towels with matching oven mits.  I also found red plastic bowls to put their presents in.  I will Cricut their names on the outside in a fun font and stick the towel/oven mit in there with some homemade goodies. 

As time went by we watched the prices of things fall lower and lower.  And when the price is JUST right we went back for more.  I am really excited to say that we found evergreen trees in beautiful red pots.

I love these plants.  It brings a little bit of the outside inside and really brightens up the dining room.  I paid $2 for each one.  And they were worth every penny : )

Christmas blessings to you! 



Tammy @ tinselshop.com said...


Happy New Year...I am so far behind! I am so jealous, I want a white tree SO BADLY and you went to Colorado (my favorite place on earth)!!! Hope you are having a great 2011.

Best wishes,

dj56v said...

WOW...I can't believe the evergreeen tree were only $2.00!! What a buy! They are beautiful and you are just so creative! That white tree is very nice and would definitely look lovely with red lights and valentine's decorations on it!! Soooo....pretty! Thanks for visiting me! I always check to see if you've posted. I love reading your blog. Take care!

Terra said...

Mandie, you found some great things and I admire how you plan ahead. The white tree will be very pretty next Christmas. I did find Christmas gift wrap 75 percent off, that is almost free and some Christmas cards with angels on them half off. I do love a bargain after Christmas.

Pearl Maple said...

Well done with the 50% off sale, lucky you, a white tree can be so much fun. Be sure to post some pics of what you get up to with it.

Lily said...

oh wow, it sounds like you have a really good eye for bargains :) Well done hun.

We don't even think about leaving the house on boxing day. The sales are great but so are the crowds. I just can't face it. Also some shops just employ people to pretend they are shopping & queue just to look like they have a good sale on. Although seeing your shopping makes me think that I might consider it next year.

Your white tree look delightful.

Christmas blessings to you too :)


Lila Rosana said...

Hi Mandie,
Your white tree is adorable.
Best wishes,