Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg - Holiday Decorations

This is a little over 6 minutes long and well worth the view.  Such beautiful decorations.  This video is different from the one I posted a month or so ago.  I love all of the decorations for Christmas time!  You will have to turn my music off to hear everything.  Just press the pause button on the right side where the playlist is.  Enjoy!!


Ginny said...

Thanks for posting. I follow Williamsburg on facebook, really enjoying their posts now about the decorations.

Tanya said...

How lovely! What a great place!

Amy Kinser said...

Just signed up to follow you.

Our family loves to go to Williamsburg. It is so beautiful and I love all the history.

dj56v said...

Just beautiful! I didn't realize this is something that takes a lot of planning ahead! Love the fruit in the wreaths and garlands! We went to Williamsburg for our honeymoon..long ago..and I enjoyed all of the little shops and all the history of the town. Nice post. Did you have any luck with your code to grab your button? I left my email address for you so that I could send you the said the website kept closing out on you...Just email me and let me know if you had any luck. Happy decorating this weekend!


Celestial Charms said...

I love everything colonial, so this was right up my alley! Thanks for posting this.