Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas finds and my debacle

Yesterday was my lucky day.  I went junkin and found this!  I fell in love with the box and then I opened it... and found a full box of silver ornaments.  To make it even better, I only paid $3 for it.  I looked the name Shiny Brite up online and found that these were made from 1937-1962 *squeal*.

The box is in such good shape.  Somebody must of cherished these babies... either that or they ended up in the attic somewhere.  Woohoo! 

I also found this...

It is a cast iron muffin pan!

I added a little Christmas sprig and some bells to it so I can leave it out.  Right now it is sitting on an old basket by the Christmas tree.   

For some fun I made these snowballs

I saw the idea on the Bienvenue blog.  They were so easy to do.  All I did was hold the ball in my left hand, spread glue all over one side, dip it in a bowl of "snowflakes", then do the other side.  Instant snowballs that sparkle!  They are sitting in some white dishes on our bar in the kitchen.

Today I finished decorating the Christmas tree for the last time, lol.  It was decorated once by my sweet little girls.  They did such a beautiful job of decorating it with all of their handmade ornaments, pine cones, and candy canes...  Am I the only one that wants to put that tree in the kitchen, laundry room, or my bedroom?  I was really feeling proud of myself for letting them do it all.  I had to force my older child to participate but she did.  They just kept hanging ornament after ornament after ornament after ornament... you get the beautiful picture?!  Gosh, I felt like such a scrooge for wanting to take it down.  I debated for 5 days!  It really did look sweet.  All of those special memories dangling from each branch.  Mind you they have a tree of their own in their rooms.  My oldest has hers shoved in a corner because it isn't Thanksgiving yet.  But she will put it up Thanksgiving evening and decorate it the way she wants to.  We even have a tree in the bathroom that my youngest decorated in a southwestern theme.  I just feel so bad. 

Is it bad of me to want to decorate the Christmas tree in the living room?  Do you have a kid tree and an adult tree?  Please be kind! 


Ann Nichols said...

Dear Mandie,
Oh my... those silver balls are a find! I so dislike plastic ones... (except this year I will use some for the lower branches since I have my new little kitty! So i guess they have a good use too.) About the Christmas Tree... When my children were young we would all decorate the living room tree together during the day and at night, after they went to bed, my husband and I would rearrange the ornaments! Sometimes quite drastically. I felt bad in the beginning but then realized that as long as I didn't make a big deal out of it the kids hardly saw a difference. And they liked having the tree up so was okay! My vote says - It is definitely alright for you to want to decorate the Christmas tree in the Living room to your satisfaction!! And don't feel guilty about it!

Natasha said...

Go for it Mandie. Our tree is up and I even added some more lights to it today. Having said this, though, we don't celebrate Thannksgiving here in Australia so many people have been already been putting up their trees this week.

Have fun and enjoy.
Best wishes,

Rita said...

What an elegant Xmas blog!

A snowy greeting from the land of Santa Claus :)


dj56v said...

I had to laugh about you wanting to decorate the living room tree yourself! When my children were young they too decorated our tree, but later when they weren't in the room I would put the ornaments where I thought they should be! I did feel slightly guilty, but I just wanted it to look a certain way. That box of ornaments you bought were a real find! Those were the kinds of ornaments my parents decorated with when we were kids! Such memories! Love your ideas!


Lily said...

Hi Mandie

Those ornaments are SO beautiful :)
You shouldn't feel guilty really cause they have a Tree of their own to decorate and hopefully in the future when they become parents themselves they'll know what it was all about ;)


Jenny Harris said...

It's wonderful to have the kids decorate, and it's not "bad" to want to have a decorator style tree, but maybe there's a way to "have it all" Do you have more than one large tree in the house? That was my solution - the kids decorated the tree in the family room, and I decorated the one in the living room. Now that time has passed, there's more time and funding to have even more decorations in our home, so I really get to go to town with it!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

When my boys were young, we had only 4 trees ( you know I have 12+ now). I had my "pretty "tree in the Living Room. They had a 6 foot tree in the Den which was were all their toys were. It had a platform with a small train set underneath. They decorated this tree. Plus they each had a 2 foot tree int heir bedrooms and they also decorated those too.
I guess that is why I ALWAYS had more than one tree!!

Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Chrismtas

Jill said...

What a lovely treasure you were blessed to find! Love it! We have 2 large trees at our house and some mini ones here and there. We decorate as a family. We got our outside lights up today but I have boxes of Christmas decorations in my living room waiting to come out, lol. Usually do it the day after Thanksgiving but we will be away. I LOVE Christmas time!! Have a wonderful night!

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

The Shiny Bright box is adorable....and the ornies are icing on the cakes.

Lila Rosana said...

Hi Mandie,
I love come here!
Those ornaments are so beautiful and your blog is elegant too much!

Tanya said...

Lucky girl! That was a beautiful package to receive.

I'm passing on an award to you!