Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Matthew Meads Christmas Bookazine

Only one more week until Matthew Meads new Holiday Bookazine is sent out to homes all over!  I have been waiting since July for beautiful pictures like the ones above.  I have been following the publication of this magazine with such enthusiasm.  I am so excited!  Matthew Mead has a great blog that shows some of the most beautiful pictures and reports on his new Christmas Bookazine.  If you want to check it out go HERE.  This bookazine is only available online and in very few boutiques.  If you are interested in getting your copy go to his blog.  He even ships international!

On a different note, QVC is running their Joy of Christmas special.  I have been watching it all morning.  There are some beautiful lights on there now that are battery operated... so cool!  HSN will be featuring Christmas next.   


Ann Nichols said...

I had no idea about either of these two! Thanks so much!

Terra said...

Hi, I follow that Christmas blog too! I was given a wooden Santa painted by my friend, last week, so have one Christmas decoration out already.

Celestial Charms said...

Lots of people are gearing up for Matthew's publication. I'm sure it will be wonderful. I hope you get the chance to post some of his ideas here! ;)

Pearl Maple said...

Yummy pics,
at this time of year a girl can never have too many cookie options.

dj56v said...

I smiled when I read that you watched QVC's Chistmas show today. So did I! I love to see all of the beautiful decorations they have and I have a lot of the battery operated wreaths, garlands, and the little 4ft. trees. I also love the Candle Impressions battery operated candles. I always look forward to their holiday shows! It made me want to get my decorations out early! Can't wait!