Saturday, October 30, 2010

Keeping Organized

Halloween is on a Sunday this year.  Since this is the case, our little town has moved the holiday celebrations to Saturday.  That is TODAY!  The last time this occurred we missed Halloween all together.  Seriously, we left town for the day and came back to neighbors saying, "Where were you?".  Thank goodness our children were too young to understand what their parents had done, lol. 

This year we knew better.  We had all our ducks in a row... NOT.  I have been runnin around like a crazy women trying to get homemade costumes together and helping friends hem or glue theirs.  Needless to say I need to be more organized, lol.  When I found these images from Pottery Barn I couldn't help but to swoon at the beauty of their organization.

I can't imagine a costume being stuck under a bed here or a shirt jammed in between drawers.  Do you?

No, everything is visible. 

I don't see any dust bunnies the size of Texas here.  Not that I have discovered a few under my couch, sigh... 

Plain perfection I tell ya.  Thank goodness we have role models in this world.  I love you Pottery Barn.  I love you and your organization! 


Toque de Arte Ateliê said...

Amei tudo o que vi por aqui e já sou sua seguidora. Saúde e sucesso, sempre! Beijos do Brasil,

Celestial Charms said...

Oh yes, hail to the Pottery Barn! Love them. I often wonder, though, where are you supposed to keep all your "other stuff?" I love to organize and make everything look pretty, but you still have so many other things to store, besides what you can fit in these organized spaces! At least that is the case for me. So I have the outwards appearence of being organized, but don't dare open my closets or my drawers! ;)

Ann Nichols said...

These really are fantastic! Ahh to be so organized!

Mandie said...

So true Celestial Charms! Where do they put their other stuff???? LOL I bet it is in the attic or in the garage, tehe.

Taís Marçal Diniz said...

Lindo blog, adorei tudo!

Tammy @ said...


Hope you had a great Halloween! What inspiring my dreams. And I agree that last one is PERFECTION!

Best wishes,

dj56v said...

I wanted you to know that I put your button on my blog so others can visit you. I didn't know if it would work since there was no code under it, but it does. The only thing is that when you click on it, instead of your blog opening up in a new window, it takes you straight to your blog. I just put a button on my blog, with a great tutorial lesson with the html code and printed it out, studied it real good and it actually works! I was amazed and excited that I actually did it. The directions were perfect. I looked at others and just didn't get it! But this was a good lesson. Let me know if this was o.k. to put your button on my blog.

Have a good day!

dj56v said...

Hi Mandie,
I left a post for you to read on my blog with the link to where the tutorial was for grabbing and making a button for your blog. It's so nice to know there are other people who get excited about Christmas and decorating like I do!I'll be thinking about you this weekend!


Lila Rosana said...

Hi Mandie,
I loved this post.