Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July... on my toes!

Christmas in July began here in America.  Consumers wanted something to boost sales in the summer months and July was the perfect time.  Christmas in July is also thought to exist because in McMurdo Station Antarctica, it is the middle of winter and the weather is unbearable.  So when they receive packages (twice a year) it is as though it is Christmas in July.  Thus we have Christmas in July.  Either way I am all over it! 

Hobby Lobby's shelves are stacking up on the holiday supplies and I am in heaven.  I know to some it may be too early and commercialized and I would have to HALF way agree.  While I LOVE Christmas I do realize it is a bit commercialized.  But, I do LOVE Christmas so it really doesn't bother me... at all, lol.  I know the real reason for the season and it doesn't include Santa it includes the birth or our Lord Jesus Christ. 

While others like to decorate their houses with fine things I like to decorate mine with Christmas things.  It is a style for me.  Some like country, modern, retro, I like Christmas.  Now my house isn't decked out all year long in Christmas (hubby and kids wont allow it) but I do enjoy looking at them and being  surrounded by them. 

Christmas music would have to rank high on my genre of music.  I listen to it all year long.  It makes me happy, it helps me clean with a happy heart, and it helps me to think of Jesus through out the day.  Christmas music does to me what soothing music does to others.  It relaxes me, it keeps me channeled, and it is just plain great stuff!

With all of this mentioned, I had to celebrate Christmas in July by painting my toe nails Christmas colors.  I used red, white, and silver.  While they may not look Christmasy... I know the reason for the colors!! 

Ho Ho Ho to you and yours!!! 


Laura Loo said...

Oh man, I know how you feel!! I love Christmas music too, and I don't mind how early they bring out the Christmas stuff! I know it's over-commercialized, and that's a bit annoying just knowing it's to make tons of money, but I love looking at it!!

In fact, the reason I found this blog was because I just needed to find some Christmas blogs now. I'm in such a mood!! I love Christmas decorating and I'm pretty obsessed with ornaments (I've been collecting for 4 years and have so many yet haven't even had a tree yet to put them on as I'm always moving all over!)

I'm staying in Australia right now, and it's Winter here...Making me feel like it's close to Christmas. Then I was thumbing through an old magazine from last Christmas at a pub, that instantly made me FEEL like Christmas! You know, full of joy and warmth. I can't wait, but it's driving me crazy that I have to wait so long!!!!

Tanya said...

Hee hee, I've had your blog open all day, just to listen to the Christmas music while I've been doing my chores. So uplifting!