Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Coasters and Tassles

Some of the other things I have made for Christmas are coasters and tassels. They are very easy to make, useful and pretty. For the coasters I bought 4x4 tiles, found a pretty stamp, stamped them with ink that is water resistant, found some felt tabs and stuck them to the bottoms to prevent scratches. Easy and useful. Then wrap a pretty ribbon around 4 of them and give as a gift. With the tassels, I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some pretty ornament looking things with a stick (not sure of the technical name), glued ribbon around the bottom, and finished it off with some black fabric on top. I know my instructions are very vague but it is all what you want in it. I picked colors that I love and went to town with the hot glue gun. We are fixing up baskets filled with homemade goodies and giving them as gifts to our family adults and giving gifts to the children. Next year I think we are going to draw names for the kids but stick with the homemade gifts for the adults.


Pearl Maple said...

Creative gift ideas. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us all and hosting this blog.

Sometimes during the year when i am having a stresful day in the office i have been playing your music selection in a background window while typing very dull reports, it sure lifts the spirits!

Mandie said...

Thank you so very much! I listen to Christmas music all year long. It does the same for me, lifts me up when I am feeling down.

Lila Rosana said...

I love coming here to read your posts.
It's all wonderful!