Thursday, May 22, 2008

Christmas for us

Christmas time means different things for different people. At our house we have many fun activities that we partake in throughout the season. There are always coloring pages colored and taped up around the house. I have a great link for those. There is usually something yummy cooking in the stove, sugar cookies, cakes, and other goodies to give to neighbors. We LOVE decorating the house with lights. We are slowly but surely going with LED lights. For this we hit the stores the day after Christmas to get good deals! We also enjoy driving around with hot cocoa and looking at other people's lights. I have been lucky enough to get together with friends to bake treats, that is always fun! I even listen to Christmas music all year long. There is a great link for that too. Anyway, traditions run deep and I am happy to share ours with you. Have a blessed Holiday!

Christmas tree before any presents were wrapped and put under it

Presents under the tree

Here is the path Santa leaves for the children to follow


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